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            Ink: the singer, rapper, screamer, and flamenco-fused punk guitar player, slapping strings so hard his thumbs bleed... There seems to be no cap to the pain he can tolerate, nor the amount of booze he consumes, with enough jumpy energy to put Olympic athletes on guard.



            Crimsun Clay: the shoegazing, reverb-drenched soundscape creator… As pure of heart as one could ever be, but as intimidating as a flock of ravens lining the South side of the I-40 Highway, the songs never stop flowing out of him, but neither do the witty comeback lines.


            Maiyan Sol: the freshest bass player with a reserve of vibe… Stratospheric atmosphere flows out of Maiyan like she’s a conduit for the essence of peace. As vile as one could be with convictive words and as internally serene as an aged bottle of wine; she is the definition of dichotomy.



            dB0P: the feral drummer with stranger percussive ideas than Trent Reznor… Anything from black metal to funk, or even dropping trays of silverware on the floor… As long as you have “the sound”, right? Even if he steals wrap sheets to tear from the studio owner’s bedroom to achieve the perfect “hihat” sound, there is no better suited percussionist for the creative freedom that is Flow.

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